(Ed Gilmore) 

Richard G. Kraus, Square Dances of Today: And How to Teach and Call Them, New York (NY): A. S. Barnes & Co., 1950. p 46 

Go to the left with the old left hand

Back to your partner with a right hand swing

Men to the center with a left hand star

Back by the right and pick up your maid

Walk right around in a star promenade. 

Gents swing out and the ladies in,

With a full turn around, your gone again.

Gents turn back on the outside track,

Meet your own with a right hand round.

Go full around, all the way round.

Then to your corner with a left hand round,

Half way round come back to your own,

Turn your partner right hand around,

All the way round, all the way

To the right hand lady with a left hand turn,

Half way round come back to your own

Turn by the right go all the way round,

Now go to the corner with a left allemande,

Right to your partner and right and left grand.

Meet your partner and pat her on the head,

If she don*t like biscuits, give her corn bread.

Then promenade, boys, promenade.

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