Also known as "California Fruit Basket," or "Ladies Bow, Gents Bow Under" 

Richard G. Kraus, Square Dances of Today: And How to Teach and Call Them, New York (NY): A. S. Barnes & Co., 1950. p 25 

First couple out to the couple on the right,

Circle four for half the night.

Gents join your big brown hands,

Ladies join right under...

Gents raise up, come down behind,

Gals raise up, come down behind,

Hands on the waists and swing like thunder.

Circle four when you come down,

Circle up four and around you go,

Break it all up with a Docey Doe. 

As first and second couples circle four, the two men join both hands across the center of the circle (one gent's right hand to the other gent's left hand). Then the two women join hands in a similar way, underneath. The two gents bring up their joined hands and bring them down behind the backs of the women, letting go and putting the right hand on the waist of their partner and holding the right elbow of the other man with the left hand. The two women bring up their joined hands and bring them down onto the near shoulders of the two men on each side of them and, leaning back for a buzz-step circle, rapidly circle left. Lean back hard enough so that the women's feet do not fly out from under them. It helps if the men do NOT lift up on the ladies as they circle.

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