Richard G. Kraus, Square Dances of Today: And How to Teach and Call Them, New York (NY): A. S. Barnes & Co., 1950. p 34 

First couple bow, first couple swing,

Promenade around the ring.

All the way 'til you're back home again,

Lady go halfway round again.

Join the opposite couple in a line of three.

Three comes forward, three step back,

Three come forward and there stand pat. 

Lone gent out to the lady on the right,

Right hand swing with all your might.

Now the lady on the left with a left hand round,

Opposite lady with two hands round.

And swing your partner 'way back home.

Everybody swing. 

First couple promenades the outside all the way around and upon reaching home, the first lady continues the promenade alone until she reaches the third couple and stands to the left of the third gent in a line of three. Then the line of three goes forward, back, and forward to stand in the center. The lone man (first gent) goes over to the couple on the right of him (second couple) and turns the woman with the right hand round, he then crosses the set to the fourth couple and turns the fourth woman (his corner) with the left hand round. He comes to his original opposite (third woman) and turns her with two hands round, goes to his partner and swings her home as all the other couples swing either to home (third couple) or at home (side couples).

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