Richard G. Kraus, Square Dances of Today: And How to Teach and Call Them, New York (NY): A. S. Barnes & Co., 1950. p 30 

First couple bow, first couple swing,

Down the center and divide the ring,

Lady go gee and gent go haw,

Swing when you meet as you did befaw (before) 

Down the set as you did before,

Down the set and cut away four.

Now you swing her and she'll swing you

Swing around like you used to do. 

Down the set just two by two

Down the set and cut away two

Everybody swing, you swing and sway,

Swing each other don't take all day. 

The first couple, after swinging, leads down the center, splits couple three, separate from the partner (lady right, gent left) and proceed on the outside of the set around to home where they swing each other. Then down the center again, this time separating and exiting the set between the side and head couples, meeting at home and again swinging. Then, down the center again, separating to split each side couple, walking around their own corner, whereupon all swing partners at home.

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