Called by Marvin Shilling from Trinidad, Colorado

Western Jubilee 572B


1. Now all join hands and run to the middle – pat your foot to the tune of the fiddle

With a one and two and three and four – and rare right back and stretch your vest

Now swing your gal you love the best – Allemande left like all the rest

Go allemande left with your left hand – right to your honey and right and left grand

Meet that lady and you meet that girl – and you promenade go ‘round the world

Promenade now two by two – and right back home as you always do


2. Now ladies center and back to the bar – gents to the middle with a right hand star

Star by the right and don’t be slow – the other way back and don’t you know

Go left hand star and meet your honey with a right hand ‘round – go all the way ‘round

The corner lady with a left allemande and docey ‘round your pretty little girl

Now ladies center with a left hand star – star with the left and all the way ‘round

Meet your honey with a right hand ‘round –

Go all the way ‘round the corner lady with a left allemande

Right to your honey with a wagon wheel

And turn them ‘round and star by the left and don’t fall down

Now gents drop off at your own home bar – and the gals keep going with a right hand star

Gents step in right behind your girl – star by the right and away you whirl

The gals reach under with your left hand – and allemande left with a right and left grand

Right and left hand over hand – meet that lady that new little girl and promenade


3. Allemande left and allemande thar – go right and left and you form a star

With a right and left you form a star – back up now but not too far

Now swing right around to the next little girl – then promenade go ‘round the world

And you promenade eight and you promenade all – and get around home and don’t you fall

4. Repeat no. 2, above


5. Now promenade in single file – lady in the lead and you go about a mile

Make a little wheel and spin it a while

Now spin that wheel and roll it along – and you turn right around you done gone wrong

Turn right around and go the other way

Gents reach back with your left arm – a do-si-do will do no harm

Do-si-do and around you go – just keep on going on your heel and toe

I’ve got an ole cow, she’s as black as silk – she eats green grass and gives white milk

The more you squeeze the more you pull – the quicker you get that bucket full

Back to your honey and promenade – go two by two right off the floor and we’re all through

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