An original dance called by Marvin Shilling from La Veta, Colorado

Western Jubilee 577A


All join hands and circle out wide – around and around on the old cow hide

All the way around and you get back home – stop right there and swing your own

You swing your lady go ‘round and ‘round – allemande left when you come down

Right to your honey right on around – right and left grand and don’t you know

Meet your gal in calico – Promenade two by two

Right back home like you always do


Now one and three bow and swing – and you lead right out to the right of the ring

Split that couple with the lady around the lady – the man around the man – four in line you stand

(two men and two ladies together)

It’s forward up and back again – circle four on the side of the town

Circle four just once around – stop the girls with their backs to the middle

Wheelbarrow – – – – – – – – – –

You do-sa-do the opposite guy

(on the call “wheelbarrow” hold both hands of partner, do-sa-do as couples with the lady backing up, gent holding her hands. Right shoulder back to back for the men, then pull partner back to position. This is a wheelbarrow movement, the lady as the wheelbarrow and the man as the operator. Note: this is only the original poussette movement going full around)

Right back home do-sa-do around your own – then a partner right hand half around

Back with the left go all the way around – corner right, right hand around

Back to your honey a left hand around – and take the corner when you come down

Promenade go ‘round and ‘round

Promenade in a little red wagon – hind wheel off and axle draggin’


Walk all around that left hand lady – and see saw ‘round your pretty little taw

Men star right to the opposite girl – turn that lady with a left hand whirl

Star by the right three quarters around – allemande left when you come down

Right and left eight go ‘round and ‘round – right and left grand you know

You meet that gal in calico – promenade now home you go

Promenade eight and swing with Joe – Swing that gal in calico

Repeat Figure twice for #2 and #4 couples


Then allemande left just only one – then promenade now for you’re done

Promenade to an easy chair – ‘cause we are all through with this little square

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