An original dance called by Marvin Shilling from LaVeta, Colorado

Western Jubilee 578B


Well everybody ready, here we go – allemande left and the ladies star

The men go ‘round but not too far – allemande left and the men star

Girls run around that outside bar – allemande left, Alamo style

Right to your honey, balance forward, balance back – swing with the right it’s half about

Balance out and balance back – swing with a left like an allemande thar

And you back right up in a right hand star – well break in the middle with a full turn around

The men star right across the land – allemande left and a right and left grand

A grand old right and left you go – meet that gal on yonder side

Promenade go side by side – a great big man and a pretty little bride

Now right back home


It’s one and three go forward and back – now forward again, cross trail through

Go around the outside, go around two – you meet your girlie that’s what you do

Box the gnat then pull her through – line right up there on the side

Forward eight and eight fall back – center four, cross trail through, go ‘round one

Stop right there on the end of the line – forward eight and back

Center four right and left through, turn right back – cross trail through and go around one

Go forward eight and make a right hand star – an eight hand right hand eight hand star

Girls turn back and you go the other way – now meet your guy, a do-si-do (do-pa-so)

Partner by the left and your corner by the right – back to your honey with a left hand around

Go once and a half and all the way around – to the right hand lady with a right hand around

Go back to your honey with a left around – now promenade this girl you got

Now keep on going, do not stop...


First and third wheel around – now pass through, go to the next

Right and left through and turn right back – cross trail through, do a left allemande

And you meet your honey right and left grand – grand right eight, a grand right all

And promenade go ‘round the hall – promenade here and promenade there

Right back home with your lady fair

Repeat figure for side couples up to *** then

Second and fourth wheel around – pass through and go to the next

Right and left through and turn right back – cross trail through you know

Allemande left and here we go – go right and left and do-si-do (do-pa-so)

Back to the corner with a right – back to your honey with a left

Go once and a half – to the right hand girl and pull her by

Left to the next like an allemande thar – back right up in a right hand star

Shoot that star go right and left grand – every other girl with every other hand

Meet a little lady and ain’t she grand – promenade that pretty little Jane

Take that lady to the end of the lane – promenade go settle down

That’s all there is to this go ‘round ...

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