Original dance by Pancho Baird from Santa Fe, New Mexico, called by Marvin Shilling from Trinidad, Colorado

Western Jubilee 573A


Now all the way around that left hand lady – right back home and swing your baby

Now swing your honey go ‘round and ‘round – allemande left and you don’t fall down

Right to your honey and right on around – right and left go around the ring

Meet that lady that pretty little thing

Promenade now two by two – right back home like you always do


All the way ‘round that left hand lady – right back home and swing your baby

Swing your lady go ‘round and ‘round – gents star left as you come down

Left hand star now don’t you know – go back with a right and around you go

Meet your honey with a left hand ‘round – go all the way ‘round

Right hand lady with a right hand ‘round – gents star left and out you go

Round your corner with a do-sa-do (original corner)

Swing your honey a pretty little whirl – ‘round and ‘round with your own little girl

Then allemande left from where you are – go right and left and you form a star

Back it up but not too far

Now shoot that star and away you go – with right and left and a do-si-do

Do-si-do and a little more do – back to your honey and promenade

Go to by two and six and nine – right back home and stay in time

Repeat figure three more times to obtain original partner

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