Original dance called by Marvin Shilling from La Veta, Colorado

Western Jubilee 576A


All join hands and run to the middle – pat your foot to the tune of the fiddle

With a one, two, three, four – rear (rare) right back and stretch your vest

Now swing the gal you love the best – allemande left just only one

And promenade eight the gal you swung – promenade go two by two

Right back home like you always do

Figure #1

Ladies center and back to the bar – men to the middle with a right hand star

Gents star right and don’t be slow – other way back on a heel and toe

Pass your honey right on by – right to the next girl for a wagon wheel

Give a little wheel and give a little whirl – and roll that wagon round the world

Ladies turn in a full turn around – the girls star right the men hang on

Roll away with a half sashay – gents star right in the same old way

Ladies back to the man behind


Allemande left and right and left grand – every other girl with every other hand

Meet that lady in the promised land – promenade go to beat the band

You promenade here and promenade there – right back home with your lady fair

Figure #2

Repeat Figure #1 but omit the right and left grand and substitute

*** Allemande left, you promenade – you promenade two by two

Right back home like you always do

Figure #3 Repeat #2 above

Figure #4 Repeat #1 to *** then

Allemande left and a right and left grand – you rope that heifer and brand that calf

And meet your honey with a once and a half – elbow swing and elbow hook

The more you swing the better you look – swing ‘em here and swing them there

Keep on swinging all around the square – once and a half and the other half too

Swing those gals and don’t be blue – promenade just you two

Promenade eight and promenade all – take your lady to an easy chair

We’re all done with this ole square

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