(No composer named)

Dash record 2539A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2539B (Called by Dale Durbin)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of C, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Dale Durbin, San Diego, California

Copyright date not given


One and three (two and four) up to the middle and back now

Pass through, separate and go around one

Pass through one more time, ‘round one you’re doing fine

Cross trail through, left allemande

Do-sa-do your partner, same little lady swing

Then you promenade this lady ‘round the ring

You can do anything that you darn well want to do

But you gotta stay off her blue suede shoes.


Four little ladies promenade ‘round the inside ring

Home you go, swing ole partner, yes, you swing

One and three (two and four) square through, three quarters ‘round you do

Separate, ‘round one into the middle, right and left through

Turn the girl, square through three quarters ‘round you go

Swing the corner lady, promenade,

You can promenade my girl and you can swing her, too

But don’t you step on her blue suede shoes.

Sequence: Break, figure twice (heads), break, figure twice (sides), break as ending with tag.

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