(No composer named)

Dash record 2536A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2536B (Called by Earl Neff)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of Bb, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Earl Neff, Las Vegas, Nevada

Copyright date not given

Intro, break, and ending:

Four ladies promenade, go once around and swing your maid

Head (side) two, right and left through you do, now star on through

Pass through, star through, right and left through, then you star on through

Left allemande, then promenade your own around that ring

Promenade your pal so true, she’s the gal with eyes so blue

She’s your pretty little baby face


Heads (sides) up and back, half sashay

Now pass through, both turn right that way

Go ‘round two and line up four you do

Forward and back, pass through, wheel and deal, double pass through

First one left, next one right, go right and left through

Then crosstrail corners swing, swing your corner promenade

Take a little walk now with your maid, she’s your pretty little baby face


Yeh, man! That pretty little baby face.

Sequence: Intro, heads (2), break, sides (2), ending and tag.

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