(No composer given)

Dash record 2529A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2529B (Called by Del Price)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of F, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Del Price, Lakewood, California

Copyright 1961

Introduction, break and ending:

Join your hands circle south down to Dixie

Reverse back single file along that line

Girls step out take a backtrack

Meet your partner, box a gnat

Pull her by, swing your corner

Swing that corner lady ‘round

Join your hands, circle south again to Dixie

roll away half-sashay, now swing your own

Promenade go hand in hand right back to Dixie land

‘Way down south that’s where I belong


First and third (second and fourth) lead to the right, there you circle

Break to a line, move forward eight and back with you (bend the line)

Trail through, you turn back

Half square through that track

Right hand round your corner turn a left hand ‘round your own

Gents star right out in that center, once around now (pass your partner)

Swing that corner lady, promenade

Promenade go hand in hand, right back to Dixie land

‘Way down south, that’s where I belong.


‘Way down south, that’s where I belong.

Sequence of dance: Intro, figure twice for heads, break, figure twice for sides, ending.

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