(Hank Williams)

Dash record 2526A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2526B (Called by Johnnie Roth)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of C, Tempo 130 bpm

Original dance by Johnnie Roth, Red Oak, Iowa

Copyright 1961

Introduction, break and ending:

Walk all around your corners all, see saw ‘round your own little taw

Then circle to the left with your baby

Allemande left allemande O, go right and left do-paso

It’s corner right, then back to your baby

Well partner left then come on back to the corner box the gnat

Grand right and left go ‘round the ring, then promenade your pet

She has golden hair and big blue eyes, she could win a beauty prize

There’s nothing as sweet as my baby


Well, the first and third (second and fourth) go up and back, pass through but you turn back

Box the gnat, star right with this baby

Corners all left allemande, do-sa-do your own so grand

Then circle to the left with your baby

Go allemande left your corner, walk on by your own

Swing the right hand lady ‘round and promenade her home

I like candy, I like tea, I like girls that swing with me

There’s no one can swing like your baby

Tag ending: There’s nothing as sweet as your baby

Sequence: Intro, figure twice for heads, break, figure twice for sides, ending and tag.

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