(No composer)

Dash record 2525A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2525B (Called by Bob Johnston)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of F, Tempo 126 bpm

Original dance by “Singin’ Sam” Mitchell, Tucson, Arizona

Copyright 1961


Allemande left and weave the ring, in and out go ‘round the track

And when you meet your lady, do-sa-do it’s back to back

Promenade go single file, the ladies lead the way


Men turn in a right hand star, go twice around I say

Second time, left allemande, come back one, a right and left grand

Right and a left around the ring, then promenade


*Hand in hand go ‘round the floor, with the girl that you adore

Little Lulu, Little Lulu, is her name (no swing at home)


Heads (sides) go forward do-sa-do, make an ocean wave you know

Balance forward, back to town, right and left through full turn around

Separate, go ‘round just one, come into the middle you do

Do-sa-do it’s back to back, then do a right and left through

Pass through, corner swing, swing the corner lady ‘round

Promenade a brand new girl around the town

**Hand in hand around the floor, with a girl you could adore

She’s not your Lulu, but you swing her just the same


*On middle break use:       With a girl you could adore

                                           She’s not your Lulu, but you keep her just the same

**On second figure for sides will have little Lulu back, use:

                                           With the girl that you adore

                                           Little Lulu, little Lulu is her name


Tag:       ... Yes sir, little Lulu, little Lulu is her name.

Sequence: Intro, heads (2), break, sides (2), ending and tag.

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