(Hugh Ashley)

Dash record 2513A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2513B (Called by Bill Schroeder)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of F, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Bill Schroeder (Mesa, Arizona, formerly of Kearney, Nebraska)

Copyright date unknown (either 1958 or 1959)

Introduction, break and ending:

(Hey now you) all join hands and circle to the left

(You) circle left around that big ole ring

Docey ‘round the corner, see-saw ‘round your partner

Men star right and turn that opposite girl a left hand ‘round

(Well now you) star back home and do-paso your own

(Partner) left, your corner right hand ‘round

(Partner) left, roll promenade, go walkin’ with your maid

To the old town hall


Heads (Sides) go forward up and back, pass thru u-turn back

box the gnat, face the sides (heads), split those two

(4) (Come) down the middle with a right and left thru,

(4) Turn right around like you always do

Dixie chain with all your might, lady go left, gent go right

Allemande left your corner girl, a right hand ‘round your own

Corner box the flea, now promenade

Promenade you all, we’re gonna have a ball

At the old town hall

Dance Sequence: Intro, 2 changes of figure (heads), break, 2 changes of figure (sides), ending.

Note: Each line of this dance will require 8 beats of music except as otherwise designated where 4 beats will be required.

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