(No composer given)

Dash record 2509A (Instrumental)

Dash record 2509B (Called by Dale Durbin)

Played by Schroeder’s Playboys

Key of Eb, Tempo 132 bpm

Original dance by Dale Durbin, San Diego, California

Copyright 1957

Introduction, break, and ending:

Four little ladies star by the right, go once around the ring now

Partner left you turn ‘em once and a half

(And now the) four men star right go ‘round to your corner girl

You turn ‘em left a two time allemande

Do-sa-do your partner, weave around the ring boys

Weave it in and out around you go (and don’t be slow)

(Hey now) promenade that gal, take a little walk to the old corral

And you swing ‘em ‘neath the weeping willow tree

Dance Pattern:

Allemande left your corner girl, do-sa-do your partner

Face that corner girl and all eight chain

Gents star right across the hall, turn ‘em by the left don’t let ‘em fall

Face that corner girl, then all eight chain

*Whirlaway, it’s a grand ole right and left round the ring boys

Meet your new little lady do-sa-do

Promenade that girl, take a little walk around the world

And swing ‘em ‘neath the weeping willow tree

*From here, these alternate patterns may be used:

(1) Four little ladies star by the right, go ‘round to your partner

Walk on by, swing the next old boy

Promenade that lady fair, take a little walk around that square

Swing ‘em ‘neath the weeping willow tree.

(2) Whirlaway, swing the next girl, you swing her once or twice boy

Allemande left, come back and promenade

Promenade this dear, whisper sweet things in her ear

Take her back to the weeping willow tree


Yes, you swing ‘em ‘neath the weeping willow tree

Sequence of dance: Intro, 2 changes of pattern, break, 2 changes of pattern, ending, tag

Note: Each line requires 8 beats of music.

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