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Swedish Folk Dance 
LS E-9 
Formation: Double circle of partners facing each other; boys with back to center, both hands joined with partner. 

Meas. (2 counts per measure.; i.e., 1 = 2 counts 
1 Hop on left foot and place right heel forward, thrusting right arm forward and pulling left elbow back vigorously, a slight jump onto right foot placing left heel forward, thrusting left arm forward and pulling right elbow back vigorously; 
2 Repeat pattern of Meas. 1 in double time making three quick changes, alternating heel (right, left, right) forward;
3- 4 Repeat pattern of Meas. l-2, reversing footwork and armwork;
5- 8 Repeat pattern of Meas. l-4; finish facing partner, both hands extended sideward with hands joined.
9-12 Turn clockwise with partner with eight step-hops moving arms down and up “windmill” fashion with each step-hop;
13-16 Turn counterclockwise with partner with eight step-hops in the same manner. 
To make the dance progressive, girls may move in LOD to a new partner on Meas. 16. 
1 Right heel, left heel;
2 Right, left, right;
3- 4 Left heel, right heel; left, right, left;
5- 8 Repeat Meas. l-4;
9-12 Step-hop turn;
13-16 The other way, step-hop turn.

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